Friday, January 30, 2015

GOTY 2015 Grace's Hair - Comparison

 I received a few questions about Grace's hair. There's a lot of talk about how thin the wig is.

It is thinner and much like Ivy's hair. It has layers in front and the braid is in a unique position on top.

Her hair has subtle caramel highlights, no where near as many as Marie Grace's wig.

Mattel Samantha's hair is much fuller, it holds a curl whereas Grace's hair is straight with a soft wave on the bottom.

 Maybe here you can see the differences in thickness when the hair is gathered.

Just looking at the band wrapped around the hair once will show the difference in thickness.

Grace's hair is equal in quality and luster. Personally my hair is fine while my daughter's is thick and naturally wavy. I think Grace has my hair texture and the other doll's have what's similar to my daughter's. 


  1. Thanks, Rhonda! This was extremely informative and helpful! :)

  2. Thank you for the information. The comparisons were great. As long as she doesn't have any bald spots I'm good with the wig. One would she look if you gave her two pigtails?

  3. Hi, I have a Jill Steals and Deals Marie Grace I was planning on exchanging to help pay for a Grace Thomas. Which do you think has the most play friendly hair? My daughter's Molly and Rebecca dolls have terrible wigs and if Marie Grace has the higher quality wig I'd like to keep her. Thank you!