Thursday, January 29, 2015

*Review* My Life As...Fishing Outfit

Linda has a quick review to share.

New fishing outfit from My Life As....(Walmart). 

 I am taking back the outfit, the shorts do not close in front, sad! 

Cooler if from My Life As...camping tent.

   If they have another, I will buy it to see if this one was missized. The outfit includes tan shorts, T-shirt, pink and fishing pole for $9.99.  The hiking boots are My Life As.. and are $2.00.  The socks and underwear I already had.

*NOTE: Linda said the pants all fit the same - too small.


  1. In the newer MLA styles, the dresses are fine for AG but all their pants run small! If you're dressing a JG or OG, you should be ok but AG's just won't shimmy in! Good luck!

  2. I ruined a my life skirt trying to make it fit one of my american girl dolls. I had to cut it to fit.

  3. I bought a tennis outfit last year and it was difficult getting it closed in the back. It's too bad, some of their stuff is really cute and well priced.

  4. I bought a hiking outfit a long time ago from MLA and all of the pieces were super tight and the shirts were for a skinny doll. All cotton. Stretchy fabrics are more likely to fit, like the swim suits.