Sunday, December 7, 2014

Where's Willow? - Denver, CO (Day 5)

Willow and Caroline dressed quickly to go to a last photo shoot.  They decided to read about Colorado together while they wait for the host family.
Willow and Caroline are having fun in the local nursery, Echter's.  Echter's does a great job of decorating their greenhouse so kids, dogs, and dolls can all get their picture taken with a holiday background.  Willow is standing in one of the fairy garden's - notice the mini elf?
Willow and Caroline sitting in the carriage! 
Back at the house, Willow is ready to say goodbye to Caroline. Willow is excited to have more Colorado adventures before she goes home!
Caroline is giving Willow a gift to take back to Rhonda.  The gift is from the CO hosts.  We want to thank Rhonda for all her effort on her blog. Rhonda is especially good at letting everyone know of doll sales - we have all saved so much money due to Rhonda's quick actions! Notice Willow almost drops the gift, poor girl.
Caroline gives a cookie to Willow for the road.  We loved having you stay with us, Willow, and come back anytime. We still need to ski!

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  1. Willow has had another fun adventure and is making memories to last a lifetime! Merry Christmas to doll lovers everywhere!