Monday, December 8, 2014

Dolliday Crafts for 18" Dolls - Gingerbread Houses

Today begins a week long feature of wonderful Dolliday craft ideas and projects. Today we have a craft project from Brenda, with some help from Sophie and Kurtis!

Our American Girl Dolls:The Savage Dolls 

1.  Print out the Gingerbread House pattern on 8 1/2 x 11 paper. 
2. gather craft materials: thin cardboard box, white glue, glitter, bric-a-brac, beads, lace, gem stickers, anything you like.
3. Using a cereal box, or any thin cardboard box, cut out all the parts of the house. Get help from an adult to hot glue the house together.  White glue will work too it just takes longer to dry.  Remember to make sure the brown side is out!  We used a pink marker to color the door so it shows up better.
4.Using white glue apply a layer of glue to the roof.
5. Use either glitter or cotton for snow.  I used the crystal glitter that looks like ice crystals. Use an old pie plate or shoe box for glittering, so the glitter can be reused.
6. Decorate your house.  When we had glue drip down we glittered it!  It looks like icicles!  
7.  I repeatedly added layers of glue and glitter so the house looks covered in ice crystals or sugar crystals since this is a Gingerbread house!  Be sure to cover all the house seams with glitter or other decorations.
8. Emma & Grace enjoying their gingerbread house display.



  1. Thanks for sharing with us, Rhonda. Brenda did a great job. I had wanted to do the Gingerbread house project with my daughter at AG but it costs $33 so we'll pass this time.

    This is a great alternative! Very cute!