Monday, December 8, 2014

*Opening* BEFOREVER Josefina + Accessories

A little disappointing. 
After 32 days of waiting, the Beforever Josefina that was shipped to me has issues!

Two shine marks (scuffs).

Stitching coming out of the wig cap on her forehead.

More stitching coming out behind her ear.

I called AG and they are sending a replacement doll.

Her accessories are beautiful, I love the Rebozo and necklace most.

I'll let you know when the next Josie arrives (#3 for me).


  1. We had issues with our josefina we are waiting on replacement also. She had shine marks and one leg was longer than the other very disappointed

  2. This is so disturbing to hear! My daughter and I have quite a few American Girl dolls and we love them dearly, but I am sad that it looks like our collecting days are done. I have found these threads on a few of our dolls but not hanging out quite like that! Of our dolls, only one was ordered and I too had to swap it out because of a wig issue. I have purchased the rest in store and make it a point to check every doll top to toe. The last one looked great so I thought and got home and realized that the body was the wrong color. When we took it in to exchange, it took 3 tries to get one that didn't have glue in her hair. Like I said, we absolutely love AG, the stories and values, however wish that the value was still what it once was.

    1. The very same thing happened to me with Kit and Caroline. Their wigs were "off" Or Marie Graces left eye (i think) was wonky. I went into the store to check and same thing many of them had strange stares. As for dolls, I will be buying them at AGP and their collections half and half.
      I really am hoping the Grace Thomas' don't have issues.

  3. Didn't anyone think the reboot was because of a manufacture change not a marketing one? Mattel always goes with cheaper quality. It's their M.O. Well, that and everything turns pepto pink.

    I clearly do blame the owner for the bad things that are happening to the AG brand. Sorry if I sound like a broken record but the facts are out there repeatedly that quality is down, research and development are tainted and values are out the window!