Sunday, December 7, 2014

*Reader Photos* Doll Clothing Storage Ideas

"Me and my two girls are AG fans, with limited storage space. I thought I’d share what I did and maybe it would inspire others too. "

"I saw jewelry storage bags and thought I could use them for shoes, jewelry, and socks. They worked fine, but weren’t deep enough for some of the shoes. The girls liked that they could be hung close to the clothes with everything in one spot. "


"For the clothes, I bought curtain rods and a roll of 2” quilting fabric. I sewed the fabric so it covers the curtain rod.  I can’t remember what depth rod I bought, but the AG hangers do work with a good distance away from the wall. The hangers fit well on the rod too. With three of us, it allows the clothing to be store in one place."

"Then I bought a $12 Sterlite ornament storage container."

"There are three levels, each level snaps to the other. On trips or vacation you can bring one, two or all three levels. "

"This is what it looks like inside. So far I have only had a problem with the My American Girl boots, they are a tad too tall."
Thank you Renee for these great storage tips.


  1. Thanks for the great inspiration. Love the curtain rod idea!!!!

  2. Had not thought about ornament storage for shoes...I'm going to have to watch after Christmas sales! Thanks for sharing!