Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Molly's Dude Ranch Outfit, Polka Dot Outfit and Plaid Suitcase

I had this Dude Ranch outfit custom made because Molly's original can be rare and expensive. 


Molly's Polka-Dot Outfit

Polka dots were very popular in the 1940s, and Molly's pale aqua outfit makes perfect use of the pattern! She'll feel like a princess in this outfit that features:
  • A sateen blouse with puffed sleeves, a lace-trimmed Peter Pan collar, decorative buttons, and a pretty white sash that starts at the princess seams and ties in back
  • A matching gathered, twirly skirt with an elastic back
  • White bobby socks and T-strap shoes with punch details


  1. Molly's polka dot outfit was the first outfit I had besides her christmas dress and it is AWESOME! It looks so cute on Emily and is great for Spring/Summer time! I don't have the dude ranch outfit, but I honestly don't want it too badly. I would LOVE her plaid suitcase as I need a place to put the Miss Victory outfit!

  2. I am so very glad I got her polka dot outfit before it retired/sold out. Molly's time period is special to me because my mom was born in 1942. And for some reason WWII has always been of particular interest to me too. I wish I had though to get more of it.