Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ice Cream Shop - In Store (Part Seven)

Molly McIntire tried to get ice cream with her friends, but the diner was OUT. 


Doing her part for the war effort she ordered a cherry cola instead! 
Growing up in the late 1970s, early 1980s shopping malls in Los Angeles had many restaurants inside department stores.Often times I would have lunch at The Broadway, Bullocks, Sears and even Woolworths.


 I remember my friends and I would stop into Woolworth's to buy makeup and get ice cream at the bar inside the store!

Remember Thrifty Drug Store's 5 cent cones?

My friend's older sister worked the ice cream counter. We always got mint chocolate chip.


  1. its funny to c the prices now a days and back then its like a few cents for old now its like 10-20 for food

  2. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    Ha! You know Julie loves Woolworth's lunch counter! (Though she prefers "Sam's Snack Shack"). I didn't move to CA until '79 (from NYC), so I remember Thrifty's ice-cream prices as 15 cents, 25 cents for a double, and 35 cents for a triple. That still beat Baskin Robbins at 45 cents for a single (but a bigger scoop), and the local spot here in Oakland (gone now) The Ice-Creamery at 50 cents for a single, (again a bigger scoop). But I will say I notice that back east at ice cream parlors, you could ask for an ice-cream sodam and that's what you'd get, but on the west coast you ask for that and you'd get an ice-cream float! They're not the same thing, and I remember really being annoyed by this. So I just make my own!

  3. I remember getting ice cream at Woolworth's as a child, with my grandmother!

  4. I love this! There used to be a Woolworth's in my hometown, and growing up, my grandmother would take us there for lunch. There was also a diner-type cafe in one of the supermarkets, now long gone. (Not the supermarket, the diner, though come to think of it they actually did raze the old building and put up an entirely new one). Anyway … I think kids are missing out on fun experiences like that nowadays, though I will say that American Girl Place has THAT taken care of! :)