Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ice Cream Shop - Fifties Soda Fountain (Part Six)

With all the anticipation of the new 1950s doll debuting 2015, and the recent OG Retro Diner, we are going to focus on the 1950s ice cream/ soda fountain. I have been to two 1950's Ice Cream Shops.

Dale's Diner
Dale's Diner

My daughter had a birthday at Dale's. Yes, that's me!

 The girls dressed up so I had to make a poodle skirt FAST.
As you can tell, they had lots of fun.

Dale's Diner

The other shop looks similar - obviously the colors are the same. Turquoise, pink, and red with lots of chrome. CocaCola signs, jukeboxes, and checkered floors!

When I was out shopping I came across awesome soda fountain items. I took several photos hoping to share with you and provide inspiration for making your own 50s soda fountain!

I love this sign!!


  1. oh my god ! Rhonda it looks like your daughter had a blast ! if i had a party i'd go retro haha im currently 16 and i love the 1950s it seemed fun to live in with the poodle skirts and soda fountains !
    are you gonna be getting the historical doll from the 1950s if she is the redheaded banged doll? or no ?
    im debating if i really like her or if i can live without her aha its hard as a doll collector i had so many barbies but i decided to get rid at a local library but i have 7 AG dolls so im trying to keeps the AGs to a good number aha but they're addicting .-.

    - jojo

  2. Awesome! You give me new ideas everyday, thanks Rhonda!


  3. I love the red bar stools. Reminds me of grandma's house. I think of the restaurant, Gunther Toody's, which is 50's replica. There is also a Dairy Queen close to me with what looks like some original 50's decor. This has been a fun series!