Sunday, November 23, 2014

*In Store Report* Kirsten at AGP Orlando Soft Opening

Simone took her daughter to the soft opening in Orlando and they sent in these adorable photos of Kirsten's visit.

"On Friday AG had a last "soft" opening in Orlando. My daughter brought three dolls, two AGs, and one Springfield and was very excited to be in the store after much waiting. (Three dolls is the max that she can fit into her carrier.) So, the next day we had reservations at the Bistro for the Grand Opening as a surprise for her."

 "The young girl shoppers didn't recognize Kirsten at all, (why would they, she's all but erased), but some Moms, home school children, and lots of the seasoned American Girl employees kept coming up to talk to her and "ooh and ahh". "

This warms my heart! It would be so great to see Kirsten make another appearance at AGP out of the archives.


  1. Yes, Kirsten is one of my favorite dolls and my daughter's first and only AG. Our Kirsten has brown shoes.

    1. Those sound like the brown "meet" shoes, how fortunate!

  2. I loved when you put "homeschool children." I'm homeschooled and I remember doing an American Girl Club in fourth grade. We did Kirsten that year and grew to love her. I have her six book set and my friend who hosted the club has all the plays and craft books. :)