Friday, November 14, 2014

DIY - Samantha's White BEFOREVER Bed (Photos)

 I like Samantha's new BeForever bed, but I have no plan to buy it. If Samantha's new Half Canopy Bed is out of price range for you and some of the younger readers want to make it, here's how.

Samantha's Bed & Bedding $150

Samantha thinks this bed is fit for a princess. The set includes:
  • A white wooden bed with fancy flowers and faux caning details
  • A luxurious canopy that drapes over the extra-tall headboard
  • A pretty white bedspread with floral embroidery and lace trim
  • A round bolster pillow with button accents
  • A satiny pink mattress and pillow

  • AG doll box
  • Extra card board or foam board
  • Cane print scrapbook paper
  • White paper or foam sheets
  • Pink fabric
  • White lace trim
  • Wooden decorative medallions

I covered two pieces of cardboard with scrapbook paper, then cut out decorative moldings using white craft sheets to frame each. I embellished with wooden decorative pieces and used paper flowers.

After attaching the head and foot boards, I glued another foam sheet inside the foot board to clean things up. I covered the tall backboard in pink paper, hot gluing everything along the way.

I also covered the sides of the bed in white craft sheets to cover the card board box.

I cut two cornice pieces using foam board, then glued one to the back board.

I glued the canopy drapes onto the cornice gathering as I went. After trimming off the excess fabric to reduce "bulk", I glued the second cornice piece on top (sandwich style).

Using a craft foam sheet as molding, I trimmed out the cornice. Next I tied back the canopy drapes with strands of rosettes.


  1. Wow! That looks just like the real thing!

  2. WOW! I like this better than the AG version!

  3. Very cute bed and better than the original because you saved a lot of money!

  4. Samantha looks very cozy in her beautiful new bed!

  5. Wow!! Amazing job! I might just have to make this-- it looks just like the real thing! :)

    ~aginparadise (

  6. I made this, but instead of buying and painting wooden medallions, I hand drew the rose patterns on white construction paper and glued them on. All I paid was about $3 for lace since I didn't have any at the time. I also made the bedding to match the Beforever set. This is the only Beforever item I am willing to reproduce. I wish I could have made Samantha's original bed, but I am not a metalworker.

  7. Wow, my granddaughters' would love this bed!

  8. Meh, works as a bed, I guess. But how did you get the moldings? Easy project, but to vintage for me. Great craft though