Friday, November 14, 2014

Molly Collection- Everything Else

Molly’s 1944 Swimsuit
Whether Molly's spending the day by the lake at Camp Gowonagin or at the beach with her family, make sure she has lots of summer fun is this outfit that features: 
  • A ruffled, tropical-print swimsuit A faux seashell necklace and a pair of sunglasses  
  • Peach-striped canvas espadrille shoes 
  • A green-patterned beach towel and beach ball

Aviator outfit

Molly's Sweater & Skirt

Molly wears this cheery outfit to celebrate the holidays:

  • A teal sweater with a wintry snowflake pattern
  • A matching plaid skirt
  • Ankle socks and saddle shoes
  • A pair of red hairbows for her braids

Molly’s Recital Outfit

It’s a big day when Molly’s third-grade class performs for the PTA, so she wears this special outfit.

Molly’s Roller-Skating Outfit

Molly can be on the go in this outfit, featuring:

  • A polka-dot blouse paired with plaid knee-length culottes
  • White socks and brown loafer shoes
  • A turquoise hairbow to keep her braids from blowing in the breeze

Victory Garden Dress

This is a reproduction dress.


  1. I don't remember a few of these, but they are really cute! the natural colors are so right on for the time period. I am happy to have her swimsuit set.

  2. I have Molly's swimsuit, but nothing else. I really want the other outfits though, but mostly the sweater and skirt set. It looks like a great casual alternative if you don't want to put her in her meet outfit.