Sunday, October 12, 2014

*Reader Photos* DIY Crib Project

Fawn sends in these adorable photos of her DIY project.

  "I found this magazine rack at Goodwill for $4.00.  My husband removed the handle, sanded and painted it."

"Voila, a crib for my newest rescue, Adele!" 

"All of my dolls are 18", but I couldn't resist when I found her at a yard sale for $1.00.  She is a Corolle Mon Bebe Classique from France.  She is delicately beautiful and smells faintly of vanilla.  Lovely!  She is now the baby sister of my Gotz doll, Betta."

I know readers will agree, this is a beautiful makeover for an equally beautiful doll. GREAT finds! 


  1. Very clever! Hmmm I know I have a magazine rack somewhere!

  2. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    That's just too adorable, Fawn! Adele looks so sweet in her new crib.

  3. Fawn, I just found this - how clever! Love both your little Adele (those Corolle dolls smell SO good!) and your refurbished crib for her! I have got to try this sometime. Thanks for sharing ^_^