Sunday, October 12, 2014

American Girl Doll Boxes - History

AG Doll boxes have changed quite a bit through the years.
 I love them all.

  • In 1986 the first AG boxes were solid burgundy with a vertical cream colored ribbon with “American Girl’s Collection” printed on it.  
  • Late 80s/early 90’s the same burgundy boxes now featured a horizontal band. 
  • Early to mid 90’s the box changed to white with iridescent silhouettes of Samantha all over the lid and a burgundy horizontal band. 
  • 1996 boxes changed to white with a pinstripe effect and a horizontal burgundy band with cameos of the six dolls which said "The American Girls Collection". 
  • Estimated at around 2002 the boxes changed back to color in a dark red/burgundy marbled look with "The American Girls Collection" in gold font. This time clear cellophane windows were added to reveal the doll inside. 
  • In 2005 boxes changed back to solid front lids in a marbled burgundy and featured the six doll cameo lineup. 
  • 2007 boxes were solid burgundy with a red horizontal printed band and star logo. The round cellophane window returned and the doll's first name was printed on the bottom front.

  • 2014 with the launch of  Beforever, the boxes are hot pink with a red horizontal printed band and the round cellophane window reveals the doll inside. This time BEFOREVER is featured on the logo and the doll's full name is displayed on the bottom front alongside her silhouette. 


You can purchase NEW doll boxes online $5 each.


  1. There are so many more differences!!! The boxes have become different where the bottoms are not solid, at least on Addy's quilt. It's interesting to see all the small changes and then with beforever BAM! Hot pink. Honestly I prefer the red.

  2. Hi Rhonda!I know this comment is late but where online can you purchase new doll boxes? Do the full size doll boxes cost $5? Thank you!

    1. Last I heard the doll boxes are $8 each. You have to call customer service to order - I need three myself!

    2. Thank you! Also, do you happen to know if they sell boxes with the doll's name on them, or just generic ones? I still need boxes for my Kit, Samantha, and Felicity!

    3. There are generic. I need the SAME boxes!

  3. Hi Rhonda! Do you have the history or pictures of the boxes for the look-a-like dolls (JLY, MYAG, TM, etc)? They are for the numbered dolls. I have seen quite a few different ones... yellow/black box, blue with circles box, etc. The names include American Girl of Today (AGoT) and later changed to American Girl Today (AGT) Thanks!