Monday, January 12, 2015

Closer Look - GOTY 2015 Purple Boxes

This year (like last year) is already seeing changes. The GOTY boxes have changed and this year they are purple with fireworks on the side.

 I love the "GIRL OF THE YEAR" stamp. 

Clearly the GOTY boxes have changed because the Beforever boxes look too much like the older GOTY boxes.

Saige, Grace and Rebecca.

Grace's mini doll boxes are different too.

I am not a fan of the smaller, skinnier mini books.Kirsten's is hardcover with illustrations. Saige's book is softcover with illustrations. Grace and Beforever Julie's books are even smaller AND skinnier with NO illustrations. What's next? A trading card??

What are your thoughts? 
Do you like the new GOTY box color?


  1. Microfiche. Funny.

    I too am not a fan of the smaller illustrationless books.

    I guess I need to take out my old boxes and look at them. I know our Samantha box is different from our others and that our year 2000 boxes were ruined (water damage on delivery) but we do have several different boxes from AG.

  2. I like the hardback mini books! When you set them on the doll's dresser or table, they lay flat. If a child opens and reads the mini soft backed book, it doesn't lay flat.

  3. I also wish they would have all the full sized books the same size as it looks much nicer on a book shelf if you collect them.

  4. I do like the new GOTY boxes, I think it makes sense from a marketing standpoint to do it, it makes them stand out in the store displays as well. Not happy with the smaller mini-books, like they weren't small enough already? ROFL at the microfiche comment!

  5. The purple box with gray lettering on the smaller boxes makes it hard to read the text. I understand why it changed but I don't like purple with red. But it's just a box -:)

  6. I actually like the purple boxes because they move away from pink, something there is waaaaaaaay too much of in AG these days. But I hate the new mini books. You can't even open them because they won't close afterwards, being paperback - their covers will be permanently bended backwards.

  7. I like that the boxes are different. Is the purple specificaly for GOTY items or are new MYAG items in them as well? If the former then it will be even easier to sort and find outfits (the way I have mine stored). If for GOTY & MYAG...well, will still allow me to find the newer outfits. I have a nice collection of black, blue, red, pink, and pink & purple boxes. The just purple will make a nice addition.

    With regards to the books...I am not happy. One of the great things about AG are the supporting stories to the doll characters. The illustrations helped readers picture other times and places giving greater substance to the characters' worlds.

    1. My collection is based solely on the books for the original six PC characters. If I saw a dress in an illustration, I would try to make that dress for the doll (including Felicity's teal and blue stripe winter dress that AG never sold). With the exception of Samantha, because she wears several very similar dresses in the book illustrations. Now the illustrations are gone, I can't do that with the newer books. Good thing my local library has the older books!

    2. That's a neat project. Yes, it's good the library has the older books. I've been looking for some of the older ones I don't have at local used book stores and am getting a lot of different versions. While I do like having all the same our library is getting some extra character with the different bindings. :)