Wednesday, September 10, 2014

*REVIEW* Caroline's BF Party Dress

 *Reader Review*
There's been chatter about Caroline's new party gown, for me the bottom line about this dress is that it is nicer in person than in photos. There are a few things I have complaints about, but on the whole I think the dress is a success. 
My concerns: Probably not made for heavy use by younger girls. The waistband ribbon ought to be stitched in on the bodice, as it's not snug enough and can kind of float up or down. And the ribbon could be a heavier weight, though it is pretty. And finally, I do wish they'd include tights or another pair of socks with this. We can use the socks that come with her meet outfit, I suppose, but to me those aren't delicate enough.

The only thing I didn't do was put on the gloves, which I couldn't pull on over her hands. I'm not a huge fan of AG gloves anyway, as they look like fancy pot holders, LOL. The teapot and flower are my own, as is the tea towel.

All that said, this is an outfit I expect to own, enjoy and pass down to an appreciative niece or grandniece someday. (I'm 48 and just getting into AG stuff, though I've known about it all since the beginning and loved it).

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  1. Wow, so you can see a few declines in quality, but not much. I wish they would include more in the outfits, because $30 with the same amount of stuff is just too much. I do understand though that many historical outfits don't come with shoes, which I'm okay with. I still won't be getting the dress though. I do want Caroline, but she's going modern and plus I'm just not a huge fan of satin items from AG, except for the 4 or so I own.