Wednesday, September 10, 2014

NOLA Banquet Table vs Caroline's Table and Treats

  Banquet Table and Treats

I actually fell in love with this set when it debuted in 2011. I also loved the courtyard furniture. I heard that Caroline could possibly get a similar set. However this is pure speculation.

2014 Beforever

Caroline's Table and Treats

Madelon gives those of who do not have the NOLA Banquet Table and Treats a closer look.

 "I was wondering if Caroline's table and some of her treats set are the same as that of retired Marie-Grace and Cecile's collection, so I photographed it."

"Is this the same pedestal or different?"


  "Is this the same treat set or a similar one?"


" The table looks the same too."

Thank you Madelon for these photos. 

The table and the silver tiered treat stand look to be the same with the tulip edges, but there are different tea cakes and muffins. The white pedestal looks to be the same though Caroline's arm is in the way. I do see some sort of detail similar to the lattice on the lower base of the stem on Caroline's pedestal, but without actually having it in front me it is difficult to say. Without a doubt the cream puffs ARE the same only the frosting is white not yellow.

If anyone has the new Beforever set from Caroline's collection, please email photos so we can add them to this post.


  1. Thanks so much for this. My daughter loves Caroline & is interested in the treats table. Do you know the dimensions of the table? Neither the catalog, nor the website lists them. I called AG about a week ago & they didn't have them either. Thanks is advance if anyone can post them. Love your blog!

  2. I would love this piece, but unlike the crinoline or parasol, this set just changed too much. I don't even know if I want either set, as I already have Molly's table and chairs plus PLENTY of food.