Saturday, September 13, 2014

*Opening* "Fall" Outfits for Ivy

I recently purchased Julie's calico outfit and LOVE it!! I saw this cute little $5 calico dress and wanted it for Ivy.

I love the calico fabric with the tiny raspberry rosebuds, but think I'll add eyelet lace and ribbon to give it a more completed look.

I paired it with her meet boots and a colorful pair of tights.

I think she looks adorable! 

This is the outfit that I bought on sale for $11.00 for Ivy. I love it because it's corduroy and has the cutest Peter Pan collar. LOVE the argyle socks!!!! CUTENESS!



  1. Julie's Calico dress is one of my favorite AG outfits EVER. She's totes adorbz in it!

  2. I agree. I love Julie's calico dress. Ivy looks cute in her new outfit.