Sunday, September 14, 2014

Meet Kirsten - Feature

Kirsten is my favorite historical doll. I had a request to feature Kirsten like I did Samantha. This will be a one week feature only because Samantha month was in honor of her debut.

Kirsten Doll

 Kirsten’s story really comes alive in this collection. Arriving in an outfit from the pioneer days of 1854, she also brings special items, such as her necklace. She’s soft and huggable, with hair for styling. Plus, her adventures begin in the Meet Kirsten book.
Kirsten opens up a whole world of play with authentic styles from pioneer times:
A calico dress and a striped apron Matching striped stockings covered by fancy pantalettes Soft, brown, lace-up boots Beautiful blond hair, braided and tied with ribbons
The Kirsten doll is 18 inches tall with a soft cloth body, and her movable head and limbs are made of smooth vinyl. The Meet Kirsten book is the first story about this brave girl growing up on the Minnesota prairie, featuring beautiful illustrations and a historical "Looking Back" essay about life in 1854.

In this collection, even more authentic items bring Kirsten’s story to life:
  • A spoon bag, complete with a wooden spoon like those Swedish farmers took to feasts
  • An embroidered hankie for her apron pocket
  • A red-checked sunbonnet
  • The special amber-colored heart necklace, a keepsake from her grandmother

I do not have Kirsten's Meet boots and socks. The only items from her accessories that I own is her spoon pouch.

Mini Kirsten

This 6 1/2 inch doll brings Kirsten’s world to life on a smaller scale. She arrives dressed in an outfit authentic to the pioneer days of 1854. Plus, she comes with Meet Kirsten, a miniature version of the book that tells Kirsten’s story of growing up on the Minnesota frontier.

Tour Kirsten's Scenes and Settings.


  1. Such a sweet picture! Kirsten is my favorite too. My granddaughter borrowed her and she came back missing one sock and one shoe lace.

  2. Thanks so much. I love Kirsten too because her story is so similar to some of my real life ancestors who came from Scandinavia and crossed the plains. I would like to add her mini doll to my collection before it is no longer available.

  3. I've always liked Kirsten. We've made her sunbonnet and spoon bag from the Pleasant Company patterns. I'm always keeping my eye out for Kirsten in Goodwill. Her and Felicity would be great to find.