Sunday, September 14, 2014

*In Store Report* BeForever Add-On Package at AGP Bistro

For a Limited Time you can purchase the BEFOREVER dining add-on option for $10 at the American Girl Bistro.

There's a BeForever Quiz inside the booklet, (different than the one online). There's also an activity placement.

There are stencils for each character. You use the fabric markers and stencil your character onto the white drawstring bag. Or just decorate the bag any way that you want. There's also a little red bag with stars for your doll.

(They let us keep the cups and saucers!)

Group photo: Marie Grace, BF Kaya, Classic Kaya, MyAG.

You can really see the differences in the two Kaya dolls!


 Cindy bought Samantha's Holiday Set $64.
"The tray is metal and I love everything about the set (wish it was separated though)!"

I love her dress too, not sure about the boots though.


Thank you Cindy for sharing your fun day with us! The BF Bistro event is for a limited time so you should call your nearest AGP. The package is available Monday - Friday. The BF Kits can not be purchased separately.


  1. I love Samantha's holiday set and her dress, but I'm not sure about the boots either. They just don't appeal to me.

  2. OMG, guess what! FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50 or more! The code is CELEBRATE and they're doing this in honor of the beforever launch. Looks like they're listening!!!

  3. I plan on getting both the holiday set as well as her coat set. I do think the boots look kind of silly with her dress, but they go perfectly with her winter coat! I'll just have Sam wear her meet shoes when she wears the dress by itself :) I wouldn't be surprised if putting the boots with the dress was intentional to also encourage customers to get the coat...well played, AG.