Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hot Water Treatment - Doll Hair Restoration

I've seen doll collectors do the hot water dunk on synthetic doll hair which is suppose to be better than Downy dunk. For one there are no chemicals - just plain water, heat which adds moisture and the process is quicker - within minutes not 24 hours.

Julie has kinks in her hair from pony tails and braids so I wanted to smooth them out. Since we can't use heat tools on the synthetic hair, heated water/steam can provide similar results.

Then I wanted to do this to Molly's who LIVES IN BRAIDS and Felicity. 

When I bought Felicity her hair had 2" of  DAMAGE so I trimmed all of that melted fried mess off. Molly is an older PC doll and her hair is simply DRY.

I love the results!

 Silky shiny hair.


  1. Looking good, especially Julie and Felicity. I love my Julie!

  2. Since I do get braid extensions in my hair every summer, this is a familiar process for me. Store bought kankalon isn't very soft, and the braids need to be dunked in boiling water after the braids are in. I have a Pleasant Company AGOT #20 I got for free last year, and her former doll mommy stored her up in the attic w/ braids that were put in when she was a little! So I did this process but it relaxed her hair a lot, but not entrirely. It's pretty straight now, with regular brushing and styling, and only occasional braiding. I never put braids in Sunny's (AGJulie) hair, b/c of the crimping. Her former doll mom straightened her braid before I got her, so her hair has always been perfectly straight, and I spritz it every now and then w/ a Downy/water mixture so it stays soft.

  3. Rhonda, you did a fantastic job on the girls hair! Woo hoo! Have you ever heard of Twin Pines? I've only recently heard about it. They're products (Detangler, odor control, Shampoo, Conditioner, Styler/Restorer, doll-size curling iron, doll wig brush, detangler tool, special metal comb) for doll wigs. According to the company museums use their products to keep their wigs in good shape. There's even a 9-1-1 item that can clean the doll's vinyl skin.


    I'm so tempted to get this set but....I mentioned this to my PS and asked if she thought it was a good idea to use the items on my dolls and she said no.

    1. *From Julie's doll mom:*

      VS, There are several folks on Doll Diaries who use Twin Pines products, and they've worked really well for the dolls. And sorry to say, but AG is never gonna push someone else's products, b/c they know that if hair gets damaged enough, someone will get it done at an AG Doll Salon, or get the head replaced entirely at AG Doll Hospital. I'm not pushing Twin Pines, but I am saying to use your own good judgement. There are plenty of doll hospitals out there who use various products to repair doll hair.

  4. Julie Ann- thanks! I have one new doll and an old one that's coming back from the hospital so they're in good shape. I was thinking of the future and the curling iron seemed neat. I appreciate your advice :D

  5. Thank you for this! We were able to straighten out Marie-Grace's kinky hair using this method, and now it's so smooth and silky!