Monday, September 1, 2014

DIY - MyAG for Historical Alternative?

I saw a video a while ago about this very subject and I can no longer find it.

If you missed out on the opportunity to buy BFF dolls, archived historical dolls or retired GOTY dolls, you can create your own with MyAG.  This is a great alternative for parents who want similar looking dolls for their younger children.

*Not an exact, but a close match!

If your daughter missed out on Ruthie, consider MyAG #41.
She will not have gray eyes, but she is a very close match!

Consider MyAG #54 for Ivy
You will of course have to cut the hair to Ivy's length.

MyAG #51 for Kirsten 
(JLY#3 is hard to find)

  If your daughter loved Cecile - MyAG #46.
 Her eyes will be brown not hazel and she will have a side part.

MyAG #33 for GOTY 2007 Nicki Fleming
Both have freckles and blue eyes, #33 has more red in her blond hair.


*Note: These are suggestions for those of you with younger children who missed out on these dolls and may want similar ones for birthday or holiday gifts as a good alternative. Often time these once loved dolls can be more expensive on ebay than new dolls. I am not suggesting this for doll collectors.


  1. Aaah, yes. I have heard about that. But of course just like making stuff for my dolls, I want to have the real thing. I don't know why, but I have very few diy crafts for my dolls that I've actually completed.

    1. I agree but not entirely. I would be fine with a JLY replacement for a historical. As long as it is actually AG. But I draw the line at using other brands (my OG Riley is going up for sale so I can buy a real Felicity) except with Best Friend dolls. For those I found that A Girl For All Time dolls are wonderful choices. My collection is "by the books" (literally) and I hate how Elizabeth was turned into a blonde just because of the movie. And how the Emily and Nellie dolls have shoulder length hair when each of them had shorter hair in the books. So I have purchased Lydia Peyton to play Elizabeth (with her dark hair) and am hoping to get Clementine Harper to play both Nellie and Emily.
      Not sure if this helps you, but it's how I do things with my dolls.

  2. These are great! I may end with the Ruthie look alike if my daughter's love for all things Kit continues. Thank you!

  3. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    I made that same suggestion about Cecile and Ivy on Doll Diaries. And in Julie's first book, Ivy had long hair before she cut it for New Years, so leaving it long would be OK too. And collector or not, you don't have to have AG dictate what dolls are historical or not. You can take any doll and make it hisorical. You are in control of your imagination and creativity.

  4. My daughter was hoping to get Cecile when we went to Madison this past summer, but she was sold out when we got there. Thinking this may happen, we had looked at all the MAG before and had chosen #46 as a replacement just in case. Luckily, she was available and we snatcher her up and now Marie-Grace has a new BFF, Cecila ( she decided it was better to change her name, just in case she got Cecile one day. lol and Cecila is my mom's middle name)

  5. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    Did I actually type hisorical twice? Oh man! I do know how to spell historical! @@

  6. My daughter actually chose #44 as her Cecile replacement. I know it's not the same face mold, but she likes the eyes. We don't have said doll, but it is on our 'wish' list.

  7. More suggestions:
    JLY 60 for Chrissa (cut hair)
    JLY 39 for McKenna, a near perfect match!
    JLY 40 for Jess
    JLY 12 for Gwen
    JLY 50 for Sonali
    JLY 36 for Nellie (hair is a bit more red, and she has green eyes)
    JLY 37 for Emily (eyes will be hazel, not blue)
    JLY 13 for Molly (she will have brown eyes not gray, but she had brown eyes in the books)
    JLY 29 for Marisol
    JLY 35 for Mia (add freckles)
    JLY 56 for GOTY 2010 Lanie
    JLY 61 for Felicity (may need haircut)
    JLY 27 for AG Elizabeth, JLY 59 for originally illustrated Elizabeth
    JLY 22 for Caroline (curl hair)

    1. Also: JLY 9 would be a closer match for the Molly doll with gray eyes, however she was retired in 2004 with the rest of the modern gray-eyed dolls so she may be hard to find.