Saturday, August 2, 2014

Meet Samantha 1904

The face of Pleasant Company! One of the original three, she is the most recognizable and possibly beloved AG doll.

Samantha’s favorite accessories include these:
A fancy hat made of burgundy plush and trimmed in ribbons of rose, dove gray, and gold. A golden brooch and a heart-shaped locket that opens so that pictures of her mother and father can be pasted inside. 

A rose velvet purse with a golden chain that slips over her wrist. A beautiful handkerchief with embroidered flowers and a shiny reproduction Indian head penny, a coin used during Samantha’s time.

First Version Handkerchief from Accessories-1987 Pleasant Company from White Body Samantha.

I bought a white body Samantha from ebay. Later I decided to buy a newer Mattel , both arrived in her meet outfit, (no accessories).

I have her movie, but am trying to get her vast book collection

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