Friday, August 1, 2014

BEFOREVER Doll-Sized Chest at AGP *FREE*

 For those of you who DO NOT get AG emails - American Girl Place will be handing out FREE doll-sized chest one per customer at the Beforever launch!


You may want to print this out to bring with you to the store August 28th. LIMITED quantities!!


  1. Iam dying to see what this "doll-sized chest" will look like..
    We are in SF Bay Area and Isabelle Tees were all gone on the second day.. so I am thinking if I should take my daughter out of school and go on a first day of BF release, she starts school on 8/19..
    We are super exited about Samantha and will be getting with the BF release :)
    And I love your blog! :)

    1. *From Julie's doll mom:*

      Hey Stardust, we're in the Bay Area too, and maybe going to this. I'll keep ya posted.

    2. Does any1 have any more info on this, ive never been to an AG event. Is the chest free w/ a $xx.xx purchase or is it just plain free?? Is there a certain amount of chest given out per day as I see this is suppose to last a few days, i would think they would run out if they didnt limit themselves. Thanks

    3. This is hte only info that was emailed. You can call AG in your area for info.

  2. I spoke with someone at AG and they said they would only be giving out during the hours of the event. She also said they would be limiting the amount given out each day that way they would have some for every day.

  3. Is this still only for 8 year olds that show up to the launch? Why didn't they just start sat and end on Labor Day? Jee wiz