Friday, June 13, 2014

How To Make - Fireflies in a Jar

Julie and Ivy have been watching the fireflies at night outside their cabin windows. 


They were able to capture fireflies and enjoy their glow!

Small Mason jar, (baby food, candle, jelly jar) with lid
Glow Paint
Spanish moss
Silk leaves
Twine, wire or ribbon 

Make sure your jar is clean and completely dry. Put a small amount of Spanish moss in the jar. 

Cut small leaves from a silk plant and dab on a "glop" of Glow Paint to form a small dot. I made 2-3 dots on each leaf.

Allow to dry, then place your leaves inside the jar with the painted side facing the glass.

Tie a piece of twine, wire or ribbon around the lip of the jar. Loop another piece on the side and tie a knot; repeat on the other side. This will be the handle to carry the jar and avoid fingerprints to obstruct the glow of the fireflies.

You may choose to paint your lids a fun color. If you
want MORE firefly activity, dollop glow paint on the glass inside the jar.

Shine a flashlight into your jar for 90 seconds to activate glow paint. 

Make as many as you like! 
When night fall comes your jar will be buzzing with fireflies!


  1. Another really creative and cute idea!!

  2. Awesome!!!
    Nature Norah