Thursday, April 3, 2014

TBT - Happy Birthday Angeline

Today would have been my maternal Grandmother's 109th birthday.  She collected dolls of all size and material, she had a "doll room" and restored dolls that she rescued from thrift shops and yard sales. I wish I had pictures of her doll room, but I don't.  

Here is a photo from Easter when I was five years old. We are standing in front of my life size doll house.

And here is another photo of me standing in front of her porch with one of her Chatty Cathy Playpal dolls.

I'm the only grandchild who shares her love of dolls. I like to think that she passed the torch onto me and I can do that for my grandchildren one day.


  1. Happy Birthday to your angel grandmother. I love that life sized doll house.

    I got my love of dolls from my own mother. She used to tell me how she had the original Barbie, Ken, Skipper & Midge. However, her own mother gave them away to a cousin who did not treat them well. So growing up, I learned to love my dolls. I still have all my Barbies. My daughter plays with two and the others are archived in my house with all my old, broken furniture that I can't bear to part with. Tori plays with some of my old furniture too. I started collecting Barbies in HS starting with the holiday ones. The rest is history. In addition to all my old Barbies, I have every doll I ever owned.

  2. Happy Birthday to your grandmother :) Sharing this story was such a nice way to pay tribute to her :) The doll featured in the last photograph is actually a Playpal doll. They are super-neat and from the same time period as Chatty Cathy.

    1. Oh thank you for clarifying!!!! I appreciate it - she does look so much like Chatty Cathy and the old photos aren't the best. You have a great eye!

  3. Wow, so sweet! I actually didn't get my love of dolls from anyone. I wasn't much of a doll girl when I was little, I had like 2 baby dolls, but I never played with them. It wasn't until I got into AG that I actually started loving dolls.

  4. Very beautiful ! Happy birthday to Youre beloved grandmother .

  5. Happy Birthday to your Grandmother! Neither of my grandmothers shared my love of dolls, but I am am the only grandchild to pick up their hobbies of sewing, knitting, and crochet which I apply to my doll collection. I hope I have passed on my love of dolls to my youngest daughter. She's 16 now, and pretends she doesn't like dolls as much anymore, but I know she does. When we were at AGP Boston a couple of weeks ago she spent alot of time looking at the mini dolls and picked up every one of them! She can pretend, but Mom knows the truth! LOL! ~ Maria

  6. Very Sweet! DH named my daughter Sarah Angeline-I thought it sounded gorgeous! This is the first person I've heard with this name. This makes me smile, along with your story! Where did she get her name do you know?

  7. Happy Birthday to your Grandmother. She has such a pretty name. I love your full size doll house. Did your grandparents make it for you? What did it look like inside? I hope it was something you were able to keep in your family.
    My grandmother on my father's side had all boys but she was blessed later in life with plenty of granddaughters. She had a couple of dolls scattered in the house. She gave me my first Barbie doll. I remember her making clothing for my dolls.

  8. Happy belated birthday to your grandmother!
    Mine would have been 101 this past January. Mine did not collect dolls, but she outfitted my baby dolls and Barbie dolls and Cabbage Patch Kids in the best clothes. The might be crocheted or sewn (mostly sewn) but each had great detail and precision and quality. She even made me dolls to play - my twin yarn dolls are from her.
    Grandmothers are the best!

  9. What a rush of memories that picture of the Patty Playpal doll inspires! I begged for one of those when I was a little girl, and when I finally got it I was scared of it (especially at night) because it was so large. (I was a very little girl.)