Thursday, April 3, 2014

*Reader Photos* DIY Doll Bed

 Linda sent photos of this awesome bunk bed she and her husband made and I just LOVE it!

"Here are pictures of the bed and bedding that my husband made for our granddaughter.  My son brought it back as she outgrew it, but her sister is seven and can play with it."


"It came back without one roll pillow and three throw pillows.  I had started to make Julie’s canopy bed and decided to make bunk beds instead so more dolls would have a place to sleep. We used stuff we had around the house to make the beds and bedding."

 Total cost $5 -$8 dollars to make. I hand sewed the quilt and pillows."

I found this idea on Pinterest. It stores all of your doll clothes and accessories inside and sleeps one doll comfortably.