Tuesday, April 1, 2014

AG Haul - Closer View (Videos)

Here are the photos of my AG Haul. I thought maybe it would be nice to post closer photos.

To see Kit's table set:

 To see Kit's birthday set and bed:


To see Caroline and Julie's items:


  1. WOW!!!!! Everything is wonderful. I got a big box from AG last week, but can't open it as it contains presents for me from my husband for Mother's Day, Birthday, Christmas, etc. It's hard to wait! Wonder what I got. I'll share when I get to open them.

  2. Marie-Grace and Cecile's Banquet Table has already been gone for a while. I believe it sold out during the 2013 Cyber Monday sale...makes you wonder.

  3. Cool! Guess what, AG changed the prices of the doll, book, and accessory sets back to $129, putting back in the $5 savings! I guess they realized that $134 is way to much money!

  4. Nice! My mom bought Ruthie, Kit's table, Kit's goodies and her bed…ok…she bought the entire collection on the free shipping! Where did you get that cute little doll house for Kit?
    I love the birthday goodies. I may have to get that next along with Julie's birthday dress. That is one of the items I want and don't want it to disappear on me.