Tuesday, April 1, 2014

*Readers Photos* OG Tent $16.99

Currently the AG Great Outdoors Tent is on sale $35 (reg $75)

If you want a backup tent or don't want to pay for shipping Our Generation has Camping Tent Sets $16.99 at Target.

Jessica bought one and sent these photos 

 "I saw the Our Generation tent at Target this weekend and just had to get it.  My daughter has always eyed the AG tent, but even at it's current price, with shipping, it's not worth it to me just yet."

"It does indeed fit two dolls nicely.  Ruthie and McKenna fit snug in there.  Plus it came with a sleeping bag, which was not bad quality, and cute accessories.  The lantern apparently works.  What I love about it, is that it was only $16.99!  The tent itself was easy to put together. Of course sets are buy as soon as you see them at Target and I only saw two at mine.  It may be on the Target website."

Great for larger families with more than one or two children who each have dolls. Don't forget Doll Diaries 2014 Summer Camp is coming up in June. Grab an OG tent and be prepared.


  1. I got the AG tent on sale with free shipping but have been eyeing this one for another one for the redt of the girls to go camping too. Thanks for the photos.

  2. Walmart's My Life As Doll has a camping set. It comes with a tent, campfire, cooler, lawn chair, and a lantern for $19.99.

  3. I like all the tent sets. Haven't acquired one yet though.