Monday, February 24, 2014

My Big FAT Project - Doll Room (Storage)

Not a lot to report, just a quick update.

I was going through my stack of AG boxes (empty) and wanted to organize them a bit better so they take up less space in the closet.

I simply put each doll's clothing and accessory boxes inside their  large box.

I finally got all of my doll clothing hung inside the closet and organized alphabetically, both historical and moderns.

(A good source for hangers.)

The next step is to organize the closet floor. This is where the horse, bikes and vehicles will be stored. 
Until next time...


  1. You can break down your AG clothing boxes along fold lines and store in your doll boxes to save further space.

  2. What size hangers are you using? I have three hanging spaces full of clothes and a suitcase and a shoebox filled with clothes and would like to hang them all. I hate to pay so much for hangers when I feel I could use the money for other fun items.

    1. Linda I edited the post and added the link for where I buy HANGERS.

  3. The problem with flattening the boxes is that there is no way to do it without opening the bottom at the glue spot and then they lose value. Of course, considering how many times I open and close mine and the kitten walking on them...value is dropping away anyway. :)

    Love what you have done with the doll room project so far!