Wednesday, November 13, 2013

*Review* Springfield Rope Bed

I mentioned before how I love the Springfield Collection doll furniture from 1996-1998.  

I recently opened a drop-leaf table and chair set and have been on the look out for a bed similar to Addy's rope bed

This is what I bought $18 from ebay - original price $14.96.
 I have Addy's quilt, the Springfield bed is identical.

They also made a standing mirror $19.95. 

 The bed is in a cherry finish so it's a little darker than Addy's. Its very easy to put together and sturdy once all the nuts/bolts are tightened.

It didn't come with a mattress so I made one out of muslin. I would love more Springfield Collection furniture.

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  1. I had no idea Springfield had such beautifull designed and similarly made furniture!! I love Addy's collection too and feel like if I were to get into the historicals, I would absolutely want to consider hers. Thanks so much for sharing this information.