Thursday, November 14, 2013

*Opening* Kirsten Haul

My most loved doll Kirsten has the most neglected collection. I'm really sad about that. Every time I shop on eBay for her items - wow the prices are too much for my budget. I don't understand why Kirsten's collection wasn't as popular as Samantha and Molly's. Normally blond dolls are very popular. Her collection is so limited so when you see any items on eBay expect a hefty price.

I got very lucky and found amazing items from her collection. Here we go...

I got her birthday party dress.

The pouch came with out the spoon, but I have a small wooden spoon she can use.

I finally got her bed! I already had her quilt and I will have to make her a mattress.

You can see my review of Kirsten's Sari doll HERE


  1. Nice holiday header pics! Where's Julie?

  2. Nice! My granddaughter played with my daughters' Kirsten and lost one of her socks and the shoestrings. I'm sad about that, but dolls are for playing and I am glad she enjoyed playing with her!