Friday, November 8, 2013

*Doll Party Series* An American Girl Party

 Not everyone lives close to AGP to celebrate a special birthday AG style. Here are some at home ideas.

I always ask my mom to get multiple catalogs whenever she stops into AGPLA. The pictures are often beautiful enough to use in crafts. In this case, the large life-size photos of your favorite doll will do here. Simply cut her out and cover her in clear contact paper, trim. Then tape or glue her onto a piece of foam board or card board to make a stand up centerpiece. 

Again using cut outs from your AG catalog,  put doll portraits on bunting and cupcake picks.

 3-layer 8" cake?? Delicious - place an order with your local bakery if you aren't the baker in your family. Opt for cupcake set on cupcake tiers.

 I love this Innerstar theme table from Catch My Party.

 AG Stickers on popsicle sticks tucked into cups filled with M&Ms.

 At AGP the party girl receives a party crown. Have your birthday girl decorate her own! One for her and the doll of her choice.

 I always ask my mom for extra bags - use these to decorate your party room.

Make bunting, create photo boards, welcome to the party signs, cover the backs of chairs, use as place mats, the list goes on.

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