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American Girl Mysteries

If you're looking for MORE AG goodies try an AG Mystery!
  As a part of the American Girl Series of books the company has produced Two Series of Mystery Books.

The first was a twenty-two Mystery Series ( also referred to as Mysteries Through Time. ) was published from 1999 to 2004.
The second series Historical Character Mysteries (or American Girl Mysteries) focus on creating stories centered around the characters from their doll collection.

For the first twenty-two Mystery Series each book in the series has the main character as a girl between the age of ten to fourteen. For the history buffs the back of each book also has a Looking Back section that investigates facts of the time period that influenced the story. These stories about brave young girls incorporate pieces of American history with a brave and intriguing girl that is facing a mysterious situation. 

The first series books are:

The second series the Historical Character Mysteries (or American Girl Mysteries) are still currently being added to and cover eras right up to the 1970's. The mystery stories in this series are set either during or after the events of the main books for the American Girl Characters.
  • The Silent Stranger by Janet Shaw
Felicity Merriman 
  • Peril at King's Creek by Elizabeth McDavid Jones
  • Traitor in Williamsburg by Elizabeth McDavid Jones
  • Lady Margaret's Ghost by Elizabeth McDavid Jones
Josefina Montoya 
  • Secrets in the Hills by Kathleen Ernst
Kirsten Larson 
  • The Runaway Friend by Kathleen Ernst
Addy Walker 
  • Shadows on Society Hill by Evelyn Coleman
Samantha Parkington 
  • The Curse of Ravenscourt by Sarah Masters Buckey
  • The Stolen Sapphire by Sarah Masters Buckey
  • The Cry of the Loon by Barbara Steiner
  • Clue in the Castle Tower by Sarah Masters Buckey
Rebecca Rubin 
  • Secrets at Camp Nokomis by Jacqueline Dembar Greene
  • A Bundle of Trouble by Kathryn Reiss
Kit Kittredge 
  • Danger at the Zoo by Kathleen Ernst
  • Midnight in Lonesome Hollow by Kathleen Ernst
  • A Thief in the Theater by Sarah Masters Buckey
  • Missing Grace by Elizabeth McDavid Jones
Molly McIntire 
  • A Spy on the Home Front by Alison Hart
  • The Light in the Cellar by Sarah Masters Buckey
  • Clues in the Shadows by Kathleen Ernst
Julie Albright 
  • The Tangled Web by Kathryn Reiss
  • The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter by Kathryn Reiss
  • The Silver Guitar by Kathryn Reiss 

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  1. I know I have read some of these. Thank you for providing a list so I can check for more.