Friday, August 16, 2013

Heidi Ott Faithful Friends Dolls

I love these dolls. They are so well made and just gorgeous. You can read my REVIEW on Doll Diaries.

This is Ellie. Each doll has sleepy eyes and amazing full wigs! They are difficult to pose and must be on doll stands.

Side by side next to Addy, you can see Ellie is a little taller at 19".


 This is Beth.


This is Hannah, she has dimples. 

This is Maggie, she is an Irish immigrant.

There are part of the Heidi Ott Faithful Friends collection.


  1. They are gorgeous dolls. I have a Ellie and a Hannah that I bought for $30 total including shipping from Ebay and they are in excellent used condition, fully dressed. So they are bargains as well. Use a doll stand and they can be posed nicely. Should use a stand with the ones that can stand on their own too, as falls can mar the face vinyl.

    The most beautiful Ott doll is Jade, the Asian one, and I've yet to see her for under $100 in good conditon.

  2. Hi. Who has a doll shoe tutorial for these dolls?