Saturday, August 17, 2013

REVIEW Heidi Ott Faithful Friends Clothing

The beautiful clothing from the Faithful Friends collection is now very, very difficult to find. I have been lucky to find a few dress sets here and there, but many are only sold on the doll.

Heidi Ott's clothing is so beautifully made! It never has Velcro, instead you will find working buttons or snap closures. Made from quality homespun fabrics and sold in complete sets with either hat or bonnet, a dress, an apron or pinafore, pantelettes, beautifully detailed knit socks, and shoes! Heidi Ott sold complete quality prairie styles with special prints. Neither too bright nor too simple. 

This is the blue print dress. 

Beth models the blue print dress. Set include six pieces: pantelettes, blue dress, floral pinafore, matching hair scarf, delicate socks and  shoes. 


Prairie Dress
Blue Coat

 I am a fan of Heidi Ott dolls and clothing. Produced 1996-98 for Target stores, later sold online through 2000. I find now that this level of quality for doll clothing now only exists on etsy.


  1. Those dolls clothes seem to have vintage-y themes. And I love it. It only makes those dolls look great. And I especially love the last one. It seems so perfect for one of my dolls too.

  2. I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the brown haired doll in the green dress and hat? I used to have her as a girl and I have been searching everywhere for her. It might be easier to search if I knew her name. Thank you!

    1. Picture #10 is of Maggie. She has freckles and auburn hair. She is a beauty!!

    2. The second picture of a doll in the same dress is Hannah. She has a smile that shows her teeth!