Friday, December 29, 2017

*ROOM TOUR* Addy Walker's Collection

Addy Walker was the fifth Historical Character of the American Girls, representing the Civil War Era. Addy was released in Fall 1993 and is part of the BeForever collection. Her full name is Aduke, named after her great-grandmother on her father's side, which means "Much Loved". 

American Girl characterizes her as "courageous" and "strong". Featured video describes her as "Resilient". Addy was the first doll released with the African American face mold, hence the fan nickname of "Addy Mold." 

Addy's area takes up the right side of the shelf with Kirsten. I do not own much from Addy's world. Aside from clothing and her hair styling set, the only other thing I have, is her family quilt. She uses a Springfield rope bed.

Again a lot of Addy's old room items were DIY projects and thrifty finds.

I own these outfits:
Prototype meet outfit
BF Meet Outfit
Patriotic Party Dress
 Summer Dress and Hat
Birthday Dress

There are many PC outfits and accessory items I would love to have. They are rare and hard to find on the secondary market.


  1. I love the patriotic party dress, need to bring it into my collection one of these days. I was able to buy an original Pleasant Company Addy's Bed and her night-time things from a lady, for not too high a price. Was really happy about that!

    1. Congrats! The BF version has redder skin and I think PC Addy is such a treasure. She's a strong AG historical character and role model for girls.

  2. Thanks for sharing. We like Addy. We have picked up some of her outfits, anticipating that we would add her to our family. In December, we bought her school and Christmas dress and the crinoline, which looks like the one that was sold for Marie-Grace and Cecile. Her items on teh secondary market are expensive.

  3. Addy's on my wish list. You have a nice collection!

    1. You should look now on ebay where prices have dropped (past Christmas time)