Tuesday, November 14, 2017

*REVIEW* 14" Style Dreamers - Armelle

There are four 14" dolls in this series.

Armelle comes dressed in a one piece dress, leggings and silver fabric shoes. She holds a sequined backpack.

Look at the sparkles in her eyes! Her hair is rooted, full and very soft.

She is made entirely of hard plastic.
I do not own any of the WW clothing, but I do now that she can fit into the shorter dresses within the Disney Princess and Me clothes.

She makes a great little sister.


  1. She is absolutely adorable!


  2. She is sooo cute!!! Great that she can go in the pool and bath tub.

  3. Please can you share where you bought her? I'd like to buy some of these dolls!! Thanks for featuring her!!

  4. How cute! Now I want one of them. I really need a new Doll, not! So glad you're back. An East Texas hug to you with best wishes.

    1. Thank you Aunt Mimi. West Texas hugging you right back!!