Monday, November 13, 2017

*NEWS* Why Does Hasbro Want to Buy Mattel?

Hasbro’s takeover offer for rival Mattel, if accepted, would combine the country’s two largest toy manufacturers into a powerhouse company. But despite the obvious commonalities of the two toy companies, the approach still caught some people by surprise.

It’s a deal that makes sense, but not just for the obvious reasons. While adding key Mattel brands like Barbie and Hot Wheels to Hasbro’s lineup, which includes Nerf and key production deals with Disney, will certainly boost the bottom line, there’s more going on here than just strengthening the IP catalog.

Here are a few of the other possible factors behind the deal.


  1. Interestingly Good Move. Economy bad, one strong TOY is good with me.

  2. I read about this the other day. Kind of surprising. Not sure I'm on board; Hasbro will have a monolpoly on toys and games. Less competition is not always a good thing.

    1. Plus they would inadvertently own AG, and although I havent liked Mattel's decision lately, I'm even less certain what would go down with Hasbro At least Hasbro generally knows what they are doing to make a profit. They own My Little Pony the powerhouse after all.