Wednesday, September 13, 2017

*REVIEW* Truly Me Pie Baking Set

This set retails for $24. But I bought it using my $10 coupon from AG Rewards. 

It is so nice. Heavy set due to the hard plastic pieces...thought it was glass or ceramic due to the weight of the box. 

You get two pies, one server, two forks, two baking pie dishes, one whipped cream spray can and two plastic plates.

Plates are nice and festive with fall colorful leaves.  Pies are interchangeable one being apple with a lattice top crust and one pumpkin with  whipped cream topping.

Server and forks are metal...yay!  
Beautiful set at $24.00. Lots of play value and great for holiday scenes. 


  1. This was one of my favorite items from the Fall releases. It didn't come in to the store at the time of the other releases, but I got one when it did arrive. Thanks for sharing this! Madelon

  2. Thanks for sharing. The set looks really nice. That is a great idea to use with holiday scenes. They are also a nice to have for dessert to go with the meals, for play time.

    It is starting to get cooler where I live. It is the start of apple season. The girls are starting to ask me to buy hot chocolate mix, so the pie set is making me hungry for pie. I can just smell the pies cooking.

  3. Love this set, had it in my hands today and out down for Melodys Birthday Set. We will grab it next time for sure. Just love all the details.

  4. We'll definitely have to get this set. I didn't realize that the entire pie could be removed from the pan, and the filling from the crust. That's fantastic!! Really increases the play value for our family.

  5. Very nice! Thank you for the review. Good to see something is going back to quality. :-D