Wednesday, September 20, 2017

*REVIEW* For the Frill of It OG Outfit

Doing some OG sharing with Nanea.

I find that I can use a lot of OG clothes marketed as current as retro outfits. Noticing that Nanea's school dress has a ruffled hem and sleeves, I thought I would try this ruffled OG dress on Nanea. Even though it isn't 1940 period, I like how it looks on Nanea.

The waistband has a small floral print like many Hawaiian dresses had.

Here she is with the striped fabric shoes that came with her outfit.

Here is the cute fabric bag that came with the dress. Nanea has a fabric bag as her accessory.

The last piece to the outfit was a blue vest. Here Nanea wears it reversed.

Here she wears it with her meet shorts.