Friday, August 4, 2017

*REVIEW* Nanea Mitchell's Bundle Extras - AG Rewards Members

These are the extras for rewards members, book mark, posters and stickers. 

Nanea has longer, removable underwear. 

WW Kendall face mold as compared to Nanea.



  1. Nanea is very pretty. I especially like yours, Madelon. She has a very sweet expression.

    Love her outfit. Did girls really wear shorts in the 1940s? Maybe it's discussed in the book?

    The sandals are killing me. Why is the right sandal always wonky?? I have several sandals like that, but not AG brand. The left sandal fits great, and the right sandal looks too narrow so it doesn't fit the doll foot correctly. Frustrating to see it on an AG pair of sandals.

    The facemolds have a lot of similarities! Definitely around the nose and mouth. Nanea has a flatter profile across the eyes and forehead.

    I'm hoping we add her to our collection someday. The girls chose some surprising additions for their birthdays and Christmas (Kit Kittredge x2; Tenney Grant, TM13), and I've got Ivy, Addy and Melody coming, and Dolls from Heaven Saint John Paul II just joined us, so space is limited. :/

  2. Thank you for the comparison to Kendell. This strange man I ran into tried to say that Wellie Wisher dolls were made for rich children which is not true, but when I tried to tell him otherwise that their boots are called wellies he paid no attention and said that AG is trying to exploit the rich people by appealing to the English by using the term wellies, which I did not really believe. Have you ever heard that uttered before? Another mother agreed with me and he just shrugged ut off as if we were brainwashed. He did not even notice the boots aka wellies at all which is part of the appeal for me. I do see quite a few similarities to the WW dolls in the new Nanea doll. Do you think AG is trying to move away from older molds for future dolls? They seem to want to cut all ties with Pleasant Company in everything books, dolls, ceramics etc. Plastic is king to Mattel. The Gotz doll molds are what appeals to me so it is hard to embrace the new changes. Even Marie Grace had a similar mold to Gotz dolls and she did not sell well, but Nanea has more of a WW mold with stencil work around the eyes for more definition. Cute, but I wish they used a darker color for it and for her eyebrows to match her hair color. Overall, your doll is beautiful and thank you for the comparison.

  3. Question: can you get the bundle at an AG store (Tyson's Corner) or do you have to order it?

  4. I don't have a WW, but she looks like one. I was interested in this package deal, but I did not want to pay for shipping. Beautiful doll. Thanks for the review.

  5. My understanding is you can order online with free shipping for bundle or you can ask for bundle in store which is brought from back but only for top AG Rewards customers.

  6. I like the comparison to Kendall.
    Her undergarments are era appropriate.