Saturday, August 5, 2017

*REVIEW* Be Forever Nanea Mitchell's Accessories

Six piece accessory set.

Nanea's Hawaiian ID.



Plaid bag. 

Pretty necklace.



  1. I wasn't all that excited about Nanea but after seeing her and her items, she is really cute. Can't wait for the books and her story!

  2. Alice Nanea Mitchell. There's a detail I was not aware of.

  3. Slight technical error there -- I don't believe two-letter state (or territory) abbreviations were in common use in the 1940s. I know they weren't even in common use in the 1960s when I was a kid. I do appreciate that they didn't try to use a zip code, though. :) I still think she's cute, and I otherwise like this set. Cool that her birthday is the same as my grandmother's (different year, since my dad was 4 years old in 1932, lol). Thanks for sharing! (Still bummed that silver members can't have her yet...)

    --Michele Grace

  4. What color are her eyes? Her ID says Brown, but I've seen her description as having hazel eyes.