Friday, August 4, 2017

*REVIEW* BeForever Nanea Mitchell Doll - Early Release Berry Level

She has these great eyelids and a slightly upturned mouth.

I love her undies, but not the dog so much.

This dress is actually the top of her hula outfit.

I really like her hair up rather than down how AG photographs it.

She currently doesn't come with a lot - only jammies, accessories and her hula outfit.


  1. On a similar note, do you know if the Nanea release will be in Canada? I really want to go and maybe get Nanea but I don't think it will be in Indigo.

  2. The hula outfit looks great! Was not sure that top was an actual top or dress. Thanks for the pictures that show that there is more to this set. Might buy books and pass on doll or wait to buy until I see more of her collection. I will keep an eye on late August release and hope for more great accessories for her hair since it is very pretty and it would be perfect with those pretty pjs.

  3. Incredible review!!!!!!!!!! I love her. But no rush to get her the photo are plenty enough to warm my heart. She is so lovely.

  4. Your doll is beautiful. I don't quite get the dog. I like Nanea's hair up. Thanks for sharing! Madelon

  5. Nanea is a beautiful doll! Her wig looks lovely, and she does look pretty with her hair up. I like these slightly wavy/curly wigs; every style looks good and it's easy to brush/maintain.

    I'm really glad to see that AG matched the body of Nanea to her vinyl. That's one thing about Melody I find strange, how light her body fabric is.

    Nanea's dog looks adorable in the stock photos but it doesn't seem to translate to reality. It's too bad too because the stock photo dog is so cute.