Monday, August 14, 2017

*In Store Report* My Life As Wal-Mart Boy Doll on Clearance

We grabbed an awesome deal over at Wal-Mart. My Life As... Boy on Clearance for $14.07.  This deal is available because Wal-Mart has introduced new boys, they are dressed very nicely and ready to go to school. 

I do hope that their new outfits will become available to buy for people with the original boy dolls. The new boys are $28.00. 

Our Truly Me#67 is so happy to have a new friend. While at Wal-Mart there were so many new 18 inch doll goodies. We will have to go back. He is our second boys, the first one got a short hair cut if you can remember. 

 Don't forget they have mini boys too at Wal-Mart.


  1. Maxine, I am trying to find this doll on sale, but can't find Him. Which store did you find him at? Also, I like how you had his hair cut and if I can find him, would like to have his hair cut also.

  2. The dolls look great. Thanks for sharing. Madelon