Monday, July 31, 2017

*REVIEW* Honey Girls Risa - BABW

Risa is the guitarist for the Honey Girls. This hot pink stuffed bunny is all about music and being creative! Risa has bright pink fur and shimmery blue ears with curly purple hair. With the Honey Girls logo on her right paw pad, Risa is totally ready to hit the stage! $28
 Honey Girls outfits and accessories sold separately.

Height: 18.0 in
Product Weight: 12.0 oz
Eye Color: brown
Fur Color: pink

I did not buy her outfit or accessories, but...I may just have to go back for them. I did buy Risa a Vanilla scent and it's amazing!! She is wearing an OG dress.

Risa is able to wear a black satin leotard and a homemade skirt.

I recommend Risa, she is SUPER cute and she has 4 outfits within the Honey Girls collection to choose from.

Wal-Mart has BABW clothes and currently have several on clearance.

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  1. My eldest daughter has Risa and calls her Rockstar Ruby. She loves her. There is also a BABW accessory that is like an iPod. It plays this catchy song , "We're taking on the world!". We played it a lot during the summer Olympics 😀