Sunday, July 30, 2017

*In Store Report* My Life As.....Fall Releases

My Life As Travel Time Playset My Life As 18 Inch Doll Travel Time Accessories.
  • Rolling suitcase.
  • Neck pillow fits most 18 inch dolls.
  • Accessories include: suitcase, neck pillow, sunglasses, toothbrush, toothpaste, nail polish, 2 magazines, 2 tickets.

 As with all MLA accessory sets, these are priced $7.96

 This Ironing Accessories set is a great addition to your My Life As 18-inch Doll's laundry room. Included in the set are: ironing board, drying rack, hangers, iron, and spray bottle, all sized for the 18-inch My Life As Doll (doll sold separately).


My Life As Checklane My Life As 18 inch Doll Checklane has all the accessories needed for your doll to run his/her Wal-Mart themed store.
  • Kiosk has shelves and cubbies to use for display.
  • Functional scale.
  • Open/close register drawer for pretend money.
  • Reusable grocery bag.
  • Vest fits most 18 inch dolls.
  • Accessories include: doll vest, reusable grocery bag, kiosk, display shelves, register, pretend money, scale, grapes, orange, banana, apple, sign, can, water bottle, soda bottle, bread loaf, egg carton, chicken in plastic case, cake with 2 slices, fruit juice carton, pizza box, cereal box.

 This cute cleaning caddy and all its contents are perfectly sized for the My Life As 18-inch doll. (Doll sold separately) Contents include: plastic toy caddy, dusting mitt, sponge, plastic scrubber, squeegee, two printed cleaning cloths ans three pretend containers of cleaner. 

 My Life As Ice Cream Playset My Life As Ice Cream Playset
  • Blender has realistic sound feature.
  • Scooper fits ice cream scoops.
  • Ice cream scoops are stackable.
  • Sign can be customized using sticker sheet included.
  • Head band for your doll.  Fits most 18 inch size dolls.


  1. I hit two Walmarts this weekend and not a fall set in sight. I can't wait!

  2. All of the new releases are super cute, but I really like the ice cream set! I need to get it!
    ~Bella /

  3. That retail set is TOO CUTE! What a great idea...