Friday, June 9, 2017

*REVIEW* Vintage Dress from Doll Show

Molly in an outfit I got at the doll show. Madelon did the "on location" report on.

The doll show is a great place to find clothes for the historical girls. This dress is not new, it was probably made sometime in the past century. The style is early 20th century.

The dress came with bloomers and a slip. I bought the darling replica boots (no velcro--sweet little pearl buttons!) and the stockings and hair bow at the show as well. 

Molly is wearing the dress instead of Samantha (who is currently wearing one of Tenney's outfits...go figure! I guess she is taking a break from being a "historical.")


  1. How sweet she looks! Historical clothes are my very favorite!

  2. That is an adorable dress. Madelon

  3. There is so much detail in that dress! It actually reminds me of some of my childhood dresses. And the boots are adorable!