Friday, June 9, 2017

*NEWS* American Girl Outfit - eBay Listing

Madelon found an American Girl listing on eBay. Possibly new TM or Gabriela outfit. The tags say American Girl.

Also rumor is Samantha and Addy will soon only be available online and at the flagship stores. Chicago, NYC and LA. 


  1. There's a photo out there with Tenney wearing this on stage alongside Logan with a new outfit as well.

  2. This Tenney Grant next release. Jacket she wears on cover is next book.

  3. I thought that the black/silver sequin dress was for Gabriela. Wasn't this dress in some pictures of releases for Gabriela coming out in Summer? It is really cute.

    Most likely to make room for Nanea. Wonder if Felicity will go into all the stores at that time? I wonder what is up with AG putting Maryellen's girl meet dress on sale.

  4. It's a new outfit for Tenney - the picture is here:

  5. Yes, this is definitely an outfit for Tenney as I've seen pictures of her in it and its the dress she's wearing on the cover of the next book!

    Also, I am not surprised to hear about Addy and Samantha moving on their way out. Neither doll has received a new outfit recently and many of their outfits have been on sale in the past months. With so many new Beforever dolls coming some just have to go online/in the archives. I love Melody and am excited about Nanea from all the photos I've seen so I support this choice!!