Monday, June 5, 2017

*REVIEW* Tenney's Spotlight Outfit

Tenney's Spotlight Outfit $36 is a nice part of her collection.

Tenney makes her musical dreams a reality onstage in this outfit! It includes:
  • A white lace top
  • A shimmery pink skirt
  • A starry headband
  • Brown cowboy boots

Glittery, starry headband, sparkly skirt and boots, with lace top.

Soles of the boots.


  1. This my Favorite Outfit American Girl Brand Doll Company has ever made in my opion. I can't believe I don't own it. I want 2 of this set for sure. It has been so hard to get this set. We have purchased 3 Dolls this year, Getting 3 new Dolls in 4 months was way too much eye candy. It affect a lot of what we might have done otherwise. Thanks for this review. I need this outfit to go in sale, so 2 cost 50.00 and 75. Lol. Just dreaming out loud. But, with it being so expensive, I went with two of her Picnic Outfits instead for now. Lol. Thanks for this review. I want this outfit even more.

  2. This outfit is so pretty!! I don't have Tenney. I wanted it for #53, but I'm afraid of the glitter shedding all over.

  3. The soles of the boots are pretty! It's the little details like that which really set AG apart from other doll companies. Tenney has a nice collection thus far.

  4. It's a lovely outfit! I actually bought this one here in Vancouver BC at our one and only AG boutique downtown. It's very pretty and the glitter doesn't come off the skirt at all. I don't usually care for boots on dolls but these are so cute.